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About eZ Components

eZ Components is an evolution of the eZ Publish 3 libraries. The eZ Publish 3 libraries were analyzed for strengths and weaknesses and a plan was created to re-engineer those libraries. During the planning phase of this project, eZ Systems decided to release the libraries as an Open Source project. Initially, the LGPL license was chosen, but this was later changed to the New BSD license to allow for easier interoperability with as many other Open Source projects as possible.

eZ Components is a high-quality library of independent components, where the APIs of the different components are kept as consistent as possible.

eZ Components is backed by eZ Systems, both as an Open Source project and commercially. Commercial support of eZ Components is therefore also available through eZ Systems. If you are interested in commercial support, please contact us through our contact form, selecting the option "Information about eZ Components".

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