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About this site

This website has been build with the eZ Components and some custom code. It uses the following components:


The tree component is used for the structure of the site, and rendering of the menu bar. To render the JavaScript menu bar we use the YUI visualizer. The structure is stored in a simple XML file to allow for easier editing and version control. The XML file only describes the structure, information about all the different nodes are stored in the database.


The database component is used to retrieve information about the different tree elements of the menu, as well as to retrieve data about articles, news items, presentations and banners. The database engine we use is MySQL.


All pages are rendered through the Template component, although most of the processing is done in PHP files. The templates do not implement any business logic.


The Feed component provides the RSS and ATOM feeds that we export for our main page, resources page and for releases. The same code can generate both types of feeds.


For the searching we use the Search component with a Solr back-end. The indexing is not done automatically, but with a script that parses the pre-generated HTML rendered versions of the RST files we write our content in.


Every page is cached through the cache component. We use the simple ezcCacheStorageFilePlain backend for all content, with a time out of three minutes for the main content, and a minute for the RSS feed.

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