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Mail: ezcMailMtaTransport

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Class: ezcMailMtaTransport

Implementation of the mail transport interface using the system MTA. [source]

Implemented Interfaces

The system MTA translates to sendmail on most Linux distributions.
Qmail insists it should only have "\n" linebreaks and will send garbled messages with the default "\r\n" setting. Use ezcMailTools::setLineBreak( "\n" ) before sending mail to fix this issue.

Method Summary

public ezcMailMtaTransport __construct( )
Constructs a new ezcMailMtaTransport.
public void send( $mail )
Sends the mail $mail using the PHP mail method.



ezcMailMtaTransport __construct( )
Constructs a new ezcMailMtaTransport.


void send( ezcMail $mail )
Sends the mail $mail using the PHP mail method.
Note that a message may not arrive at the destination even though it was accepted for delivery.


Name Type Description
$mail ezcMail  


ezcMailTransportException if the mail was not accepted for delivery by the MTA.

Last updated: Mon, 22 Jun 2009