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Document: ezcDocumentWikiImageStartToken

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Class: ezcDocumentWikiImageStartToken

Struct for Wiki document image tag open marker tokens [source]



Member Variables

public string $alignement = null
Image alignement
public int $height = null
Image height
public int $width = null
Image width

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcDocumentWikiToken:
public  ezcDocumentWikiToken::$content
public  ezcDocumentWikiToken::$line
public  ezcDocumentWikiToken::$position

Method Summary

public array getImageParameterOrder( $count )
Get image parameter order



array getImageParameterOrder( int $count )
Get image parameter order
Images may have any amount of parameters and the order may not be the same for each amount. This method should return an ordered list of parameter names for the given amount of parameters.


Name Type Description
$count int  

Last updated: Mon, 21 Dec 2009