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ImageConversion: ezcImageConverterSettings

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Class: ezcImageConverterSettings

Struct to store the settings for objects of ezcImageConverter. [source]
This class is used as a struct for the settings of ezcImageConverter.



Member Variables

public array $conversions = array()
Map of automatic MIME type conversions. The converter will automatically perform the defined conversions when a transformation is applied through it and the specific MIME type is recognized.

The conversion map has the following structure:
 1.  array(
 2.      'image/gif' => 'image/png',  // Note: lower case!
 3.      'image/bmp' => 'image/jpeg',
 4.  )
public array(ezcImageHandlerSettings) $handlers = array()
Array with handler settings objects.

Each settings objects is consulted by the converter to figure out which image handlers to use.

Method Summary

public ezcImageConverterSettings __construct( [$handlers = array()], [$conversions = array()] )
Create a new instance of ezcImageConverterSettings.



ezcImageConverterSettings __construct( [ $handlers = array()], [ $conversions = array()] )
Create a new instance of ezcImageConverterSettings.
Create a new instance of ezcImageConverterSettings to be used with ezcImageConverter objects..


Name Type Description
$handlers array Array of handler objects.
$conversions array Map of standard MIME type conversions.

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Last updated: Mon, 21 Dec 2009