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ImageConversion: ezcImageFilter

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Class: ezcImageFilter

Struct to store information about a filter operation. [source]
The struct contains the self::name of the filter to use and which self::options to use for it.
Possible filter names are determined by the methods defined in the following filter interfaces:
The options for each filter are represented by the parameters received by their corresponding method. You can determine if a certain ezcImageHandler implementation supports a filter by checking the interfaces this handler implements.



Member Variables

public string $name
Name of filter operation to use.
public array(string=>mixed) $options
Associative array of options for the filter operation.

The array key is the option name and the array entry is the value for the option. Consult each filter operation to see which names and values to use.

Method Summary

public ezcImageFilter __construct( $name, [$options = array()] )
Initialize with the filter name and options.



ezcImageFilter __construct( array $name, [ $options = array()] )
Initialize with the filter name and options.


Name Type Description
$name array Name of filter operation.
$options array Associative array of options for filter operation.

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Last updated: Mon, 21 Dec 2009