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SystemInformation: ezcSystemInfoAccelerator

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Class: ezcSystemInfoAccelerator

A container to store information about a PHP accelerator. [source]
This structure used to represent information about a PHP accelerator parameters self::name self::url self::isEnabled self::versionInt self::versionString



Member Variables

public bool $isEnabled
Flag that informs if PHP accelerator enabled or not.
public string $name
Name of PHP accelerator.
public string $url
URL of the site of PHP accelerator developer.
public int $versionInt
PHP accelerator version number.
public string $versionString
PHP accelerator version number as a string.

Method Summary

public ezcSystemInfoAccelerator __construct( $name, $url, $isEnabled, $versionInt, $versionString )
Initialize all structure fields with values.



ezcSystemInfoAccelerator __construct( string $name, string $url, bool $isEnabled, int $versionInt, string $versionString )
Initialize all structure fields with values.


Name Type Description
$name string  
$url string  
$isEnabled bool  
$versionInt int  
$versionString string  

Last updated: Mon, 21 Dec 2009