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Webdav: ezcWebdavCollection

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Class: ezcWebdavCollection

Struct representing collection resources. [source]
This struct is used to represent collection resources, in contrast to ezcWebdavResource, which represents non-collection resources.



Member Variables

public array(int=>ezcWebdavCollection|ezcWebdavResource) $childs
Array with children of resource.
public ezcWebdavPropertyStorage $liveProperties
Live properties of resource.
public string $path
Path to resource.

Method Summary

public void __construct( $path, [$liveProperties = null], [$children = array()] )
Creates a new collection struct.



void __construct( string $path, [ezcWebdavPropertyStorage $liveProperties = null], [ $children = array()] )
Creates a new collection struct.
A new collection struct is created, representing the collection referenced by $path, with the given $liveProperties and $children ($childs) elements.


Name Type Description
$path string  
$liveProperties ezcWebdavPropertyStorage  
$children array  

Last updated: Mon, 21 Dec 2009