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Source Access

The source code is hosted on a Subversion (SVN) server to allow for software development with change control.

Constant updates

The SVN code changes virtually every day so if you are waiting for a fix or a feature to become available, SVN is the place to look.

Warning: Be aware that using SVN code is at your own risk. If in doubt, don't use it. Please visit the downloads section if you just want to obtain the latest stable version.

Trunk and stable

The code is split into two main areas.

  • Trunk: Current development; unstable and unreleased
  • Stable: Latest stable released code

The Trunk development contains code that is currently under development. This location is mainly for developers and testers. This location is useful as it enables you to see the development progress and the features upcoming in the next release.

The Stable area is where you will find bug fixes and minor enchancements of released versions.

Subversion access

To checkout the minimal distribution you should first create a directory, then change into that directory and run:

svn co
svn co

When working with the SVN version, it is important to set up the environment for the eZ components. Run the following script to create the symlinks for autoloading:


Windows users should run the following batch file:


Older releases

It is also possible to check out a specific eZ Components bundle version from SVN. You simply have to add the correct revision number to the "svn co" lines as mentioned above. You can find the correct SVN revision numbers in the "release-info" files, which are also in SVN. For example, for the 2007.1rc1 release you would use the following commands:

svn co -r 5578
svn co -r 5578

Whole repository

The whole repository can be obtained via the following Subversion command:

svn co

However, this will also check out all the previously released versions of the components from the "releases/" directory. This directory is large, so you might want to be more selective regarding what you check out.

You can also browse the repository at

SVN commit messages

There is an SVN mailinglist available that sends out the SVN commit messages so that you can conveniently stay up-to-date concerning code changes.

What is Subversion (SVN)?

If you have no idea what Subversion is, the Subversion documentation is available online. For most people the guided tour will teach you the necessary basics.

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